Bonjour! Or, hello in french.

Bonjour Construction came to be after navigating several of my own major renovations in both urban and rural settings. During a process that involved constant decision-making, the total upheaval of our home for extended periods of time and watching our hard-earned money flow like water, I realized the importance of articulate communication, a solid action plan and the ability to maintain focus when facing the unexpected.

I was able to complement my years of experience as a self-taught handyman with accredited industry training to ensure that I would be well-rounded in all aspects of the profession.

I am in business to help home owners realize their home transformations with as little stress and disruption as possible.

While there is a certain romance to doing dishes in the bathtub (ok maybe there isn't), the journey isn't always half the fun. Important aspects of a successful renovation include a realistic budget, contingency planning, managing expectations and above all, patience. I can help walk you through the steps, put together a comprehensive plan and assist you in preparing for the unexpected as much as possible.


Bonjour Construction is a full service contracting company that can take your project from concept to completion. I work with skilled artisans and craftsmen who are passionate about what they do and take pride in their work. With a focus on kitchens and bathrooms, I strive to bring high quality, enduring, functional home improvement to my clients.


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